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Mohammed Owais

Hello there! I am a student who is studying Bio and many more things, I love writing knowledgeable things about health, beauty, fitness and many more but on this website, you will only discover about health-related information. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

six strategies to control diabetes-stop diabetes complications

Control diabetes. Here are great six strategies that you can use to control your diabetes and live a...

healthy lifestyle- golden sayings and their meanings

healthy lifestyle The following healthy lifestyle, is followed consistently, can lead to a healthy and happy life.

makeup procedure for beginners step by step

Makeup procedure for beginners Before you go for makeup, first wash your face cleanly and rub an ice cube...

Diabetes mellitus- causes- symptoms- and cure

Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes is the fastest-growing disease in the world. Today 240 million are suffering in the world.

General health tips for all-men-women-teens

health tips Some of the health tips for all age groups given below to have a healthy and happy...

How to lower cholesterol naturally- diet and tips

Lower cholesterol. The good news is that a few smaller changes to your diet can help lower cholesterol.

Hand care tips- keep spotless hands at all times

hand care Beautiful, well-kept and delicate hands are essential. Hands tell you many things about yourself.

What is Cholesterol/ and how to lower cholesterol?

What is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a type of fat-like substance that is made by your body, And...

Footcare- Dry feet- regulars and routines

Foot care Foot care is critical to keep your feet healthy and beautiful. Our feet...

Sound sleep- The best rejuvenator for all

Sound sleep Sleep and that too a Sound sleep is essential for our health. You must have experienced...

Latest Posts

newborn baby care-sleep and feed schedule-hiccups-diarrhea

Care for Newborn. A newborn baby is very tender, One heat wave can literally burn the child....

Health Maintenance- Virtues and values

Health Maintenance. Health Maintenance - Today men and women will be in a...

Winter season – healthcare and skincare tips

Winter season healthcare tips. Winter season- The health can be improved in the winter season. Taking proper food...

Eat Spinach and become disease-free/medicinal uses

Spinach has many natural medicinal qualities. Spinach is oily in nature, It can be used to remove stones...

Migraine-headache- Sinus and Cluster headache

Migraine -Symptoms-Causes. Migraine- A headache has to be pretty nasty to earn the name of migraine, which means...