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newborn baby care-sleep and feed schedule-hiccups-diarrhea

Care for Newborn.

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A newborn baby is very tender, One heat wave can literally burn the child. The newborn has to give a lot of care.

The infant suffered from different health problems at the time of its birth.

The newborn cannot talk and share its difficulties and, therefore, proper care has to be taken. A little carelessness may lead to many problems.

Newborn babies do all the activities like an adult. They can yawn, cough, sneeze, take hiccups, stretch their bodies, open their eyes and look here and there.

The parents watch their babies performance all these actions with great interest.

Newborn hiccups.

The newborn throws out all the waste, the spoilt milk etc. When the diaphragm contracts the infant gets hiccups.

At this time little quantity of milk should be given to stop newborn hiccups.

The baby cries and indicate that it needs a change of clothes, or the baby is feeling cold, wants to turn, or tired or that it has stomachache.

The baby cleans his throat by coughing. Try to understand the baby’s difficulties.

Sometimes even after the stomach is full the baby may cry, let it cry, it will not trouble the infant anyway.

Those who gave birth to the baby for the first time cannot understand the baby’s difficulties.

Watch the baby carefully and observe its wants. Gradually you will understand the difficulties.

When and what does he want. If you want your baby to keep smiling and don’t want it to cry, then there are a few tips which have to be followed carefully.

Newborn feeding schedule.

Newborn feeding

It is not necessary to feed the baby only after three hours. Whenever the baby wants food, give him immediately.

The mother should give breast-milk to the baby initially for the first week. The mother should know the method of breast-feeding.

Initially she can learn it from an expert or lady health inspectors. Mother’s milk is the only source of good food for the newborns.

If the baby is under weight, premature, or has cliff foot, or any other deformity then the baby cannot take the milk and remains hungry.

The baby suffering from tetanus, heart problem, or septicemia also does not drink milk.

Proper care should be taken while breastfeeding so that the milk does not go into the windpipe or lungs.

The women should be aware of the fact that when nutritious food is taken the quantity of liquid is increases.

If the baby’s weight reduces more than 10% or urinate less than 3-4 times then the consult doctor immediately.

Newborn sleeping schedule.

The newborn usually sleeps from 3-4 hours after breastfeeding. This is normal. After feeding the baby should not be made to lie on the back.

It should be made to sleep, turning its body to the left or right side. At times the baby may vomit or the breathing may get chocked.

Newborn sleep

Newborn diarrhea.

The baby pass stools for a number of times after breast feeding. The first stool is known as miconium within a few hours of its birth.

If it does not pass the miconium within 24 hours then consult a doctor immediately.

The stool for the newborn baby is usually watery and shinning yellow in color. Do not mistake to diarrhea.

The four to six week old baby may pass a stool once in 3-4 days. The stool may look like a paste. It cannot said to be constipation.

If the baby is given any other food apart from milk, it may get constipation. Then the stool will be hard and in pieces.

The baby’s genital parts and eyes should be cleaned 3-4 times with boiled and cooled water. It should be wiped with cotton.

Avoid rubbing the body, as the skin is very tender. The navel should be cleaned twice a day with water and surgical spirit. The dipper should be tied under the navel.

Ignore if baby’s stomach gives any sounds or he is passing gas. It is a common process.

Sometimes some baby’s cry before passing urine, it happens because the bladder is full and the baby feels pain in the bladder.

After urinating the baby stops crying and after a while again start crying, to say it is wet.

The baby’s weight starts increasing after one week of birth. Sometimes the baby makes sound while breathing. This is no cause to any concern it.

The baby breathes 40 times in a minute. Don’t worry if the baby’s nose is blocked, put nasal drops. Avoid using salt water or saline water.

Newborn diarrhea

You can ignore if the baby is having shivering is unusual then the sugar and calcium level has to be checked.

Newborn jaundice.

Usually 2-3 days after birth the baby may have jaundice. It gets cure within 9-10 days. If it does’ not cure even after two weeks, then consult a doctor.

The baby should be kept in the sunlight to give relief from jaundice.

Pressure is felt in the bones situated at the head of a baby. The bones sometimes overlap with each other, This is known as moulding.

Due to this baby’s head may look elongated. After a few days the head may become normal size. Usually swelling is observed in the backside of the head.

The mammary glands are enlarged in 10% of the babies. This problem may occur in male or female babies. This is because of hormone imbalance. The problem solves by itself.

Some newborns have the problem of the tongue. The tongue is connected with a thin layer on the lower side.

This is a normal process. If the layer is thick, then the baby should be taken to the physician.

The navel of the baby falls after 10-15 days. The naval should be cleaned with spirit.

If the opening of the genital organs is hard to thick and does not erect then do not erect it forcefully.

Ignore if the flow of the urine is normal and skin does not expand while urinating.

Sometimes rashes and redness are observed on the baby’s skin. The rashes subside within 3-4 days.

The rashes first are observed on the baby’s face and then on the other parts of the body.

Blue color, rashes are observed on the back. These are known as haemengiyoma.

Sometimes white color, rashes are observed on the newborn baby’s nose. These are observed due to the oil glands, which are known as moliya.

Due to cold the baby’s hands and legs become blue then you must consult a doctor.

Sometimes the baby may not sleep. The food intake may also be less and there is some noise while breathing. Then baby’s nose should be cleaned with the help of cotton.

Many times the skin of the baby may get infected and there could be rashes with pus on the skin.

These rashes may observe more on the neck. The rashes should be washed with spirit and antibiotic cream should be applied.

In conclusion, I would say that newborn babies should be given proper care and any problem should be treated immediately and with utmost care.

Most useful tips for kids.

  • Make sure your child gets enough sleep. Children need about 10 hours of sleep per night. Very young children also benefit from naps during the day.
  • Help your child develop good eating habits by modeling good eating yourself.
  • Also have your help with meal preparation as much as possible. It is quality time together and your child is learning.
  • keep junk food to a minimum. empty calories in soft drinks and fatty foods promotes obesity, which causes all kinds of health problems.
  • make your kids to play outside every day, if possible.
  • Enrolling in team sports, karate, gymnastics, or swim team ensure regular exercise. This will help the kids to stay healthy.
  • Keeps kids away from smokers. Second-hand smoke can exacerbate asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • Promote good personal habits. Make sure children always wash hands after using restroom, before eating , before helping with food, and after wiping their nose.
  • Properly clean and bandage cuts and scrapes when they occur to prevent infection.
  • take time to talk with your child every day so that they feel comfortable letting you know whats on their mind.
  • Take them to see a physician for annual checkups and get recommended immunization.
  • Avoid having your kids suffer from itchy, painful bug bites by using the appropriate insect repellent.

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