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Winter season – healthcare and skincare tips

Winter season healthcare tips.

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Winter season- The health can be improved in the winter season. Taking proper food and regular exercise make a person healthy.

Good health gives relief for the entire year. The food gives more strength during the Winter season.

Nutritious food is hot in nature, which is very essential for our body. Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are important among them.

Our body makes use of them properly during winters. Oxygen is available in adequate quantity during the Winter season.

Exercises can be practiced with less effort. We should take special care of food during this season.

One should take eggs, meat, ghee, dry fruits. Heat producing food products more in the Winter season.

The food products, which contain more fats, carbohydrates, and energy. should be consumed more in this season.

One should also take cashew, dates, almonds, coconut, pasta, walnut, groundnuts, cornflour, butter, clarified butter, milk, gram, kidney bean, soybeans, horse bean, fish, fruits, green vegetables.

This increases carbohydrates and fats in our body. Regular exercise should be done in the Winter season.

The body does not get tired during this season and exercise gives strength to the body.

Brisk walking, running, skipping, cycling, treadmill, aerobics, make a person healthy.

Lightweights exercise should be practiced in the gym. Shoulders, hands, chest, and legs are exercised in this manner.

Do not remove woolen wear while exercising. Because the temperature of the body increases and the body keeps sweating.

One can catch a cold if the winter clothes are removed suddenly. The Winter season keeps the human body feel ill. And one can enjoy good food in this season.

How to stay active and healthy this season?

s in winter

Winter is the season with shorter days longer nights and very cold weather.

It can be a bit difficult to stay active and healthy in this season. Winter season also invites low immunity to the body.

Winter season is known to stimulate carbohydrate craving. in control of your craving is the best way is to include good amount of protein sources in your diet.

Your in winter season are also come across complains of joint pain and stiffness in joints.

The best way to tackle these food be having a lot of good amounts of healthy fats.

Which can come from nuts, fish, seeds, They have essential fatty acids and They are rich anti-inflammatory properties which has going to help you ease the pain.

At in spice your recipes of food preparation are going to work a lot.

Spices like ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cumin, turmeric in your food which are not only going to make your food yummy but they have additional health benefits.

Ginger is very great in helping cough, common cold symptoms and also helps in digestion to remove gastrict conditions like bloating, acidity etc.

Garlic is known as one of the best blood thinner which is very great in helping and managing cholesterol levels and any heart condition.

Cinnamon is quite proven to manage blood sugar levels. So if you are a person suffering from diabetes It is advisable to add cinnamon in your teas and soups.

Turmeric we all know its an antiseptic and anti-inflammation properties and is very great to relieve joint pain and stiffness in joints.

Along with that it has herbal properties to take care of common complains of cold and fever during Winter season.

It is very important that we seasonal fruits and vegetables. Because these fruits and vegetables are harvested at peek time.

And they have naturally protective nutrients because nature has design fruits and vegetables as per the seasons to help you to have protective health benefits. And survive during that environmental weather.

Apart from these, you can sip on herbal teas like Green tea, Chamomile tea, and Cinnamon tea.

Coffee in winter

Which are very great in flushing out toxins from your body.

Chamomile tea and Cinnamon tea is also known to tackle season related disorders like depression and anxiety.

Which is quite often seen in the Winter season due to longer nights.

Skincare tips in the Winter season.

  • The main problem for the skin in winter is it will be dry and all moisture will be absorbed so use moisturizers it avoids cracking of the skin.
  • Take care of your face and lips without cracking heels, lips, and face.
  • To provide moisture to the skin daily or 3 days once use milk top (cream) and massage over your lips, body, face, hands. leave for half an hour and take bath. This gives smooth and soft skin.
  • Night apply cold cream or petroleum jelly to legs, hands, and face.
  • Use garlic, pepper, more in your food which controls the body temperature.
  • The dress, sweater, shawls you use must be suitable for your dress color.


During the Winter season, the environment really dries out our skin. No matter how much we moisturize our skin it ends up drying out and evaporating.

That’s why it is important to moisturize and hydrate the skin but also to prepare so that the moisture doesn’t leave.

Daily habits to keep skin hydrated

Make sure the indoor environment is maintained between 18 degrees C and 22 degrees C. And also 40% to 60% humidity levels. And continuously moisturize with spray mist.

Excessive cleansing and showering could actually weaken your skin’s barrier making you lose more moisture.

So reduce the amount of times you cleanse and rub your skin and gently cleanse and wipe your face.

Rough fabric aggravates the skin and it can make the skin itchy and dry, So try to wear comfortable cotton clothing.

Eat food that keep skin hydrated.

It is equally as important to care for the skin interior wise as you care for the exterior.

Drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water every day eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in moisture.

Especially if you have dry skin try to take in foods with amino acids such as broccoli, avocados, carrots, and honey. They are all-natural moisturizers.

Hydrating ingredients will keep your skin moisturized.

Ingredients such as propolis fentanyl ceramides and avocado oil help moisturize the skin.

The flavonoids contained in propolis helps remove the active oxygen that speeds aging in the skin. And also helps with elasticity and moisturization.

Use a nourishing ampoule that takes from the strong antioxidant properties of propolis to strengthen the skin. This could also fight inflammation and irritation and strengthen the skin’s immunity.

Use oils that moisturize the skin.

Skincare in winter

During the Winter season, when the wind is crazy clod your skin can not only feel itchy but also painful from the super coldness.

Using purified vegetable oil or jojoba oil helps moisturize the skin. And penetrate deep into the skin to help regenerate it.

Hydrating post-cleanse night care.

Generally 20% of the skin’s moisture evaporates one minute after cleansing. Make sure you apply proper skincare on your face within five minutes at the latest.

The main point of winter skincare is protection and nourishment.

Maintain this against moisture and strengthen the skin’s barrier to prevent itchiness abd dryness.

Use a lower pH cleanser that helps balance the skin’s pH level and give the instant softening and hydartinfg effect to the skin.

Always use a cleanser that not only exfoliates the skin but has antibacterial properties that help fight acne.


Avoid foods that dry out the skin.

If you have a bad habit of eating fast food, spicy food, salty food, and oily foods often, Then you have a chance of not only making your skin dry but getting eczema, acne, or hives.

Also it is important that you drink water over caffeinated drinks.

Use ingredients that dry out of your skin.

Alcohol and ethanol are famous for drying out the skin. It can make the skin feel cool for a moment but long-term use could actually strip away moisture from your skin.

And evaporate moisture you have, So stare away from it. If these ingredients make a continuous contact with the skin it can even cause itchiness.

Frequent exfoliation.

We often turn to exfoliation if our skin becomes rough and dry. Or if Our makeup doesn’t apply very well.

However, frequent exfoliation can cause harsh irritation to the skin.

Removing skin that shouldn’t be removed and eventually causing the layer of dead skin to be thicker.

But cleansing or using a mask before removing the layer built-up dead skin. And also prevents the absorption of moisture.

So when the skin is dry exfoliation just once or thrice a week while giving the skin plenty of moisture.

Harsh cleansing.

harsh cleansing for dry skin in the Winter season is a definite no.

We tend to use hot water when it’s cold outside, But how water could actually lower our skin’s temperature.

This releases the skin’s moisture and damages the layer of lipid within the skin’s barrier.

Because it is difficult to cleanse thoroughly using cold water, We recommend you use lukewarm water in particular it is best to use a low pH cleanser.

That is gentle and mild and hydrating on the skin.

Hello there! I am a student who is studying Bio and many more things, I love writing knowledgeable things about health, beauty, fitness and many more but on this website, you will only discover about health-related information. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.
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