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Migraine-headache- Sinus and Cluster headache

Migraine -Symptoms-Causes.

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Migraine- A headache has to be pretty nasty to earn the name of migraine, which means “half a head” in french.


A throbbing pain, usually on one side of the head. Traditionally accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound.


Uneven levels of the brain chemical serotonin cause the blood vessels in the head to constrict and then expand.

They are putting pressure on surrounding nerves. It can be aggravated by the hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle.


Most migraines are preceded by an aura-flickering point of light or jagged lines that distort your vision.

Women suffer more migraines than men.

Female hormones have been found to play a very important role in the development of migraines.

And studies have suggested that oral contraceptives may explain the rise in the migraine incidences in young women.

Further-more, infertility medication, and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have been linked to migraines.

First, find out the cause of your migraine.

Treatment of migraine becomes easy if you can tell your doctor some details about the frequency of headache you have.

  1. Note how often your headaches occur and how long they last.
  2. Do your problems appear about when you start your period, or when your period has just stopped?
  3. Are you just entering menopause and experiencing more frequent headaches?
  4. Note how severe they are, rating your pain on a scale of one (least severe) to ten (most severe).
  5. How would you compare your headache to other pain you may have had, during childbirth, for example, or after surgery?
  6. Does the pain stop you from doing things you normally do, such as going to the store or going to work?
  7. Have you noticed any specific factors or activities that may trigger your headaches?
  8. It includes medications, eating some food.

Migraines can be triggered off by eating Chinese food or even cheese.

Better to consult a neurologist for these problems and use drugs as per their directions.

Alternative therapies, including biofeedback, relaxation training, and stress management, train suffers from controlling muscle tension and blood flow in different parts of the body.

And to develop stress-management skills, yoga asana, meditation, acupressure treatments.

Alternative therapies are particularly helpful or don’t respond to traditional drugs or for women who wish to avoid medications while pregnant or trying to conceive.

Preventive measures for migraines.

do not suffer in silence

Migraine sufferers do not have to suffer ‘in silence.’ There are many preventive measures that one can take to make life easier.

Meet your doctor. He will be able to tell you about the various drug therapies for treating migraines.

  • The treatment varies from preventive-popping a pill just as the headache begins-to treatment when the migraine is in its advanced stage.
  • Discuss preventive therapies for headaches. It could be even a simple walk to yoga.
  • Use pain medications as directed-overuse can cause “rebound” headaches.
  • Ask your doctor about a back-up “rescue” medication to keep at home if other medicines fail during a migraine attack.


Almost everyone in the world has experienced a headache. The pain might be I the whole head region, only forehead region, or the head’s backside.

What may be the reason for the headache?

Not one or two, innumerable. One may experience because of od anger, emotion, overstrain, indigestion, hunger, or tension.

Not eating on time or insufficient food would lead to acidity, and taking improper diet or even eating more than necessary leads to indigestion, thereby causing headaches.

Detect the type of headache.

Headaches are irritants that could spoil your day. They could take away your efficiency by almost 50 percent.

Often we neglect headaches and try to get on with the daily chores until 3-4 hours later, and the problem becomes unbearable.

After hours of this slow torture, finally, we pop in a tablet to relieve the pain.

If you do a quick analysis, you’ll realize that you may have lost many hours of productive time from the moment the headache began to the time you took the tablet.

So the next time you feel the headache coming, try to identify what kind of headache. It might be. And then go for the cure.

Headaches occur for many reasons. They come due to tension or inflammation of the sinus.

Sometimes headaches come when the eyes are under strain.

Tension headache.

The most common type of headache, immortalized in TV commercials where a harried woman is hounded by a demanding husband, bratty children, and a tyrannical boss.

Symptom: Feel like a tight band around your head.

Cause: tight muscles in the face, neck, and scalp, usually caused by stress.

Sinus headache.

Pain around the bridge of your nose, jaws, and ears. Sometimes pain moves down into the gums.

Usually starts in the morning and gets worse throughout the day.

Causer: when you have a sinus infection, trapped air and pus press against the swollen, tender lining of your sinuses.

Hard fact: Sinus infections are common, but sinus headaches are quite rare.

Cluster headache.

The most excruciating of all headaches.

Symptom: A piercing, throbbing, burning pain that bores into one side of the head, around or behind the eyes.

It can occur several times each day for weeks or months at a time.

Drink water 2-3 liters per day and create a tension-free state. Good food containing green vegetables, non-citrous fruits may keep away headaches.

Fasting one night during a week, preferably Saturday, is also helpful, as Sunday is a holiday.

Play well in the open air. Sometimes deficiency of eyes also may cause headaches.

Avoid spicy food, sweets, chocolate, coffee, tea, cheese, alcohol, tobacco, and smoking.

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