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Carrot has different values- medicinal use of carrot

Carrot is also a root, which grows below the earth like turnip, radish, and onions.

It contains Vitamin ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ and ‘E’ in adequate quantity. Raw carrot is a rich source of calcium, potassium, zinc, and iron and overcomes the deficiency of these vitamins in the body.

The red carrot contains 10-15 times more carotene than the yellow or orange-coloured carrots.

50 gm of carrot is sufficient to get the essential quantity of carotene other than cucumber.

unlike other vegetables, the carrot should be cooked before consuming.

Carot is cultivated almost all part of india. The plants are one and half to two feet tall.

It takes in the potash and other nutrients from the soil. Production of carrot is less comparatively in summer season.

Carrot contains phosphorus, fats, protein, and calcium is an adequate quantity.

It cures blood impurities as it has sulphur and sandal element in it. and also contains starch, carbohydrates.

Carrot is pungent, sweet and slightly bitter and produces heat. It is light, gives relief from chronic disorder of bowel movement, piles, phlegm, and gas causes constipation.

It destroys germs, it is dry and improves semen, The seeds produce heat so avoid consuming during pregnancy.

Avoid consuming water after eating carrot. You may get cough.It removes gastric problem.

And reduces the sperm in men. Carrot pickle helps in curing spleen disease. And helps in quick digestion of the food.

Carrot juice strenghtens the teeth and bones. It helps in increasing the blood.

Tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma, arthritis, dehydration, intestinal problems and ulcer, and colic pain can be cured by carrot.

Carrot contains high soluble fiber, which reduces cholesterol, carrot juice recommended for the brain.

The burning sensation in the anus can be cured. The stomach and intestine related problems can be cured by carrot.

Medicinal use of carrot

Carrot juice
  • To reduce partial headache, take the carrot leaves to water and heat it. Put in the nose and ear.
  • To increase sexual power, take one kilo of grated carrot. Boil it in 4 kilos of milk. When the milk evaporates, add a quarter kilo of ghee and roast it. If you are non-vegetarian, then add ten eggs in it and keep frying.
  • Consume it daily and drink milk over it. We are consuming this regularly for a month to increase sexual power—mix sugar for taste.
  • Take 50 gm of tomato, carrot, beetroot, and orange juice for two months continuously. It will help in clearing the blackheads, pigmentation marks, scars, and pimples.
  • Make a hollow in radish and put 20 gm each of carrot and turnip seeds, Then roast it on the fire.
  • Remove the seeds and grind them thoroughly. Take 6 gm of this mixture and take it twice daily. It removes stones and helps in proper urination without any problem. Continue this practice for one month continuously.
  • Take 100 gm jaggery and 100 gm carrot and boil it in three-fourth liter water.
  • Cover the boiled carrot with silver paper and consume it in the morning.
  • This helps in curing jaundice and liver-related problems; it gives heat and makes the heart-healthy. Continue this for a month.
  • The fermented water made with the carrot helps in removing the worms from the stomach. It improves digestion and appetite.
  • The carrot pulp help in removing the gas.
  • Take carrot soup during diarrhea.
  • The boiled carrot poultice on the wound to get relief.
  • Hiccups can be controlled if the ground carrot is made to smell.
  • If anyone perspires after a little work and the heartbeats quickly, then take one-fourth liter carrot juice.
  • If the child is suffering from diarrhea, give puree made with the carrot.
  • The carrot juice purifies and thickens the blood.
  • Consuming carrot juice cures the heart-related problems.
  • Carrot juice increases the milk quantity in the mammary glands.
  • Children should drink carrot juice for good vision.
  • Take 100 gm of cucumber juice, 200 gm of carrot juice to cure intestinal pain.
  • Spinach and carrot juice improves eyesight.
  • Take boiled carrot juice, add honey, and consume it to get relief from chest pain.
  • Cook carrot curry in clarified butter or oil, add pomegranate juice and curd in it. It gives relief in bleeding piles.
  • Take one-fourth carrot juice or raw carrot daily to get relief from gums and teeth decay.
  • Women should take carrot seeds to grind them and consume for the regular menstrual cycle.
  • Take 100 gm of spinach and 200 gm of carrot juice to get relief from anemia. It helps in increasing the blood and increase the hemoglobin.
  • Carrot is necessary for mental and physical development.
  • Take one-quarter liter of water and add 8 gm of carrot seeds and boil. Consume it for some days to get relief from swelling in the kidney.
values of carrot

Carrot helps in curing many diseases. It protects the person from all types of problems.

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