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healthy lifestyle- golden sayings and their meanings

healthy lifestyle

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The following healthy lifestyle, is followed consistently, can lead to a healthy and happy life.

Practice early to bed and early to rise. As soon as you get up, ensure to wash your teeth and mouth, only for two minutes.

And drink water at least one big glass up to a half litre. If your body gets cold often, drink lukewarm water.

To keep fit, do exercise or meditation for 45 minutes to become healthier.

Don’t postpone your nature’s call for hours. It results in ill health.

Leave these two: Hurry and worry.

leave hurry and worry

If you have no peace of mind, it is better not to take food. Consume food with peace of mind slowly chewing well mixing saliva as there are no teeth in the stomach.

When we are young, we tend to reveal overconfidence about our state of a healthy lifestyle, and we ignore what we seem to be a minor illness.

A visit to the doctor is a big no-no except one is so sick there is no alternative.

Warning signs usually are put on the backburner and considered unimportant -all with the outstanding confidence of youth.

But the harm this attitude can cause in the long run is quite scary.

Consider yourself amongst those lucky ones if these signs do not show up later; life becomes burdened with various ailments.

Which your doctor gently points out, could have been nipped in the bud had they been treated as soon as you become aware of them.

Golden sayings and their meanings.

Eat only when you are hungry.

Food is necessary for living. It helps in the growth of our body. It also gives energy to our routine activities.

Hunger is an indication as to when we should consume food. Sufficient food taking at this time can fulfil the energy for all our activities.

Food taken when we are not hungry is not only a waste but also a burden on the digestive system as well as our brain.


Hence the saying “Eat only when you are hungry.”

Do not eat when you are angry.

Anger is a process of protesting something which we do n’t like—a set of cranial nerves contract.

A large amount of energy is spent at this time. The brain will also be in a state of restlessness.

So, necessary juices are not produced in the alimentary canal. Do, eating should be avoided at this time.

Instead, water should be taken in plenty, which helps to control cold down the system.

Nature is the best healer.

The human body is made up of all-natural things like earth, air, fire, water and others.

Our body has been provided with all necessary immune system.

If we strictly follow the natural way of living the system naturally built with our help to keep a healthy lifestyle.

All sensitiveness increases with natural foods.

All necessary constituents needed by our body come from natural products.

Vegetarian food, first hand. So all organs, including the brain and the nerves system, grow well with natural foods.

Any fool can fast, but only an intelligent can breakfast.

After having worked for a long time, we need rest. So, also the digestive system needs rest, at least once in a week.

In other words, one should keep fast at regular intervals. Everyone could do it without any problem.

But at the same time resuming back from fast should be with care.

After a fast, one should not break his fast with a large amount of food at once.

Before taking solid food, a fair quantity of liquid diet should be considered.

Only after some time, raw vegetables and a little later say one and a half hours, regular food should be taken.

The digestive system should be allowed to resume routine work slowly.

More you feed the sick, more you harm him.

During illness, the body will be fighting with microbes, which are the causes of sickness by spending an enormous amount of energy.

It is necessary to restore the energy spent. But not the routine food but the liquid diet at little quantities at a long interval.

Is because the entire body, including the digestive system, works weak, with an invasion of sickness.

The system cannot cope with solid foods and a large amount of food taken.

And the excretory system will be forced to do minimum work to excrete the excess food taken.

Also, whatever food absorbed will be shared by the microbes, and the body becomes weaker.

Your food shall be your remedies – and your solutions shall be your food.

Common illness like a common clod, and cough, fever, headache, stomachache, etc.

Harmful disease like diabetes, stomach disorders, etc., are the results of the lousy food system.

So buy careful management of diet system, not only the illness could be prevented but also cold be cured or kept under reasonable control.

Fruits clean the body, and vegetables build it.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits contain the right amount of water and various clean system of the human body.

Vegetables contain carbohydrates, proteins, oils, minerals, and salts—help to build a healthy body.

Food feeds sickness in the sick.

Sick people should be away from solid food. It would be better even if only a very little liquid food is consumed.

If more food is consumed, The patients become sicker and sicker and become weaker.

In other words, food taken during sickness will never benefit the illness to become more aggressive.

Be sure to get ample deep sleep.

Be sure to get adequate deep sleep, so your body can repair and recharge.

Forget about those troubles and conversations or tasks that need addressing. They can be handled tomorrow.

Also, be sure to get sleep either on your side or on your back-as stomach sleeping causes useless stress on the low back and spine.

Do some easy stretches.

easy streches

While lying in bed, and then sitting up in bed- such as bending to the front and sides.

This will stretch and release the muscles and help flush them with more blood.

Take a hot shower.

It serves as a mean to induce sweating, promote blood circulation and release muscle-spams. It stands merely under the hot water and relaxes.

Learn some coping mechanism.

Learn some coping mechanisms and some stress management techniques.

So that you are not lying awake all night thinking about your problems.

Learn how to deal with harmful people in your life will both allow you to sleep better and reduce stress.

Be the fashion police.

You want to dress appropriately for those cold months, and you might do well to sleep in fannel. Remember, cold air leads to cause muscles and joints to harden.

These simple steps, followed with a little dedication, along with some minor lifestyle changes and bring changes to the living environment, It can help you overcome a healthy lifestyle.

Hello there! I am a student who is studying Bio and many more things, I love writing knowledgeable things about health, beauty, fitness and many more but on this website, you will only discover about health-related information. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.
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