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how to have flat tummy? not able to reduce weight

Flat tummy

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Flat tummy is what everyone dreams about when your belly is not flat, and then it’s a black mark to your beauty and physique

keeping the tummy flat does not only mean our external beauty, but it is essential to maintain our abdominal muscles

And it controls most of our body activities and even constipation

lower back pain is avoided if we keep our abdominal muscle reliable and fit

Some people feel reducing the tummy fat is a too tedious job to do

even some find ashamed to appear themselves to parties due to extra tummy fat

12 weeks plan to get A flat tummy (stomach)

12 weeks plan

It doesn’t matter what others do and doesn’t do to get a flat stomach because

I am only going to show what you should do if you want to get flat belly abs in 12 weeks

Before you get over-excited with this fact that you could get flat abs in just 12 weeks

I should warn you that results vary depending on the individual an overweight person with a 38-inch waist can lose 4-5 inches within 12 weeks

It doesn’t mean that the person got a flat stomach. Instead, he or she loses 3-4 inches

and if the person continues following these systems, he/she will get superb lean in a concise period

Let me take you to through a brief journey to the world of quick and significant fat loss and more

Where the dirtiest yet most prevalent myths of weight loss with being finally revealed

Doing 1000s of Ab crunches every-day will never get you a flat tummy

You may cry and break yourself doing thousands of Ab crunches every single day

But you will not see those strong muscular abs if you don’t get rid of the fat hanging around your belly

To remove all this fat, you need to lose fat from all over your body, as you continue to lose fat

your abdominals will begin to reveal itself in the form of a six-pack for men or suitable for women

Spending hours on the cardio


The machine is a waste of time for fat loss if you already aware of the fact that you need to lose total body fat to get a flat stomach

Then probably would have to spend too much time on the cardio machines hoping to burn more calories

as displayed in the digital meter of the treadmill or stationary bike

Well, let me explain you right now that slow cardio is a tedious and real waste of time

Have you noticed that overweight people in the gym always hang around near the cardio machines

While the lean and ripped individuals spend their time in the free weight section? If you want to get a flat belly, you need to build muscles.

The more muscle build in your body, the harder your body works to maintain that muscle

while repairing damage muscle tissue from the more recent workout

It makes your body to burn a lot of calories for energy and fuel, and here’s original golden rule applies

Calories out higher than calories In fat Loss

If you build muscle in the right way by performing a compound muscle-building exercise like the chest press, rows, squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, and pullups by performing 3-4 sets of each exercise

Eating too little to lose more fat is a Big Fat Mistake

It is by far the most popular and legendary myth of all times, Eating little so that you lose weight only works in the meager term

And leads to double fat, in the long run, this is a huge mistake that I am going to shatter this truth and claim

The best way to get a flat tummy is by eating 5-6 short meals a day with two portions of high fibre carbs

A handful of healthy fats like almonds, nuts, and one part of lean protein in every meal

To lose weight, you need to eat anywhere from 15oo calories to 2000 calories a day depending on your weight and gender

In short, you need to consume 500 calories short of your maintenance level every day until you reduce your body total body fat to the level you want

If you want to get a flat belly and see your six-pack abs, you need to be at least at 9% body fat for men and 14% for women

keep following this plan, and you will be well on your way to get a flat tummy in just weeks

AH! I AM Not Able To Reduce Weight

fat stomach

Take balanced diet and complete calories if you want to flat tummy

Probably you are not aware that reduce calories intake poses a difficulty in reducing fat

The body requires specific calories to work smoothly, and if the body is deprived of the calories then the fat will not reduce

A person doing physical labour requires at least 200 calories per day, the calorie requirement increase with daily activities and routine

Take balanced food and sufficient calories to burn fat, make changes in the daily routine to reduce fat

You can run 1000 meters daily at specific space, after regular practise, this exercise does not show much difference in the fat because the body gets used to it

It is necessary to change the method and exercise pattern whenever the expected results are not obtained this a will bring a big difference

Exercise gives good results if the proper diet plan is followed Dieting can reducing fat but increases when it stopped

The difference between Dieting and exercise

Exercise strengthens the muscles and increases the metabolism of the body, and fat can be reduced with increased metabolism

Diet should be fixed along with the task to minimize body fat Another reason for not losing body fat could be you are not listening to others

Follow the advice of well-wishers to get good results, and everybody has some negative points that can be improved with good advice.

Hello there! I am a student who is studying Bio and many more things, I love writing knowledgeable things about health, beauty, fitness and many more but on this website, you will only discover about health-related information. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.
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