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Exercise- fitness- Jogging- and benefits


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There is no doubt about exercise, that exercise is the only salvation for the health problems that are to overwhelm all people

Simple fitness exercise can help to have a fitter and healthy life Stretching exercise can help in many ways to maintaining a fitter body

Weight loss can be able to achieve by the following simple, effortless regular exercise

medical breakthroughs can happen by daily meditation and exercising Yoga, and other activities will keep you fit

get some regular exercise, and the idea is to go out and do something physical with your body

Try to do some easy stretches while lying in bed, and then sitting up in bed-such as bending to the front and sides

It will stretch and loosen the muscles and help flush them with more blood

women and exercise

Women hold the keys to their family’s health, by exercising regularly, they also set an example

Reading about the advantage of exercise is not enough, we all know that exercise tones our body and adds flexibility and balance

They get their family members to follow a healthy lifestyle, But many women do not realize that the exercise has long-lasting effects, chronic aches, and also pains disappear

Women can avoid such things as osteoporosis in the long run. regular and Moderate exercise also reduces the chances of development

The patients of Diabetes, Hypertension, and ischemic heart disease, for those who already have this condition

Exercise helps to control the disease and prevents further complications

women and exercise

Get up and get going.

Prepare a timetable for, when you are going to start exercising and stick to it, let your family & friends also know the date

So you will be embarrassed if you are going to do so don’t treat it as a chore

Set yourself sensible goals

If you start on the first day and want to walk, run, jump or jog for a half or one hour,

You might be disheartened if you get exhausted in the first 15-20 minutes.

Just begin with 10-15 minutes of activity; several times daily, just fit it whenever possible.

Plan to go for a 20-minutes walk three to four times a week and then increase it gradually to at least 40-45 minutes a day, and five days of a week

many people experience some pain or the other during exercise, and it is common

Do not stop exercise in this condition unless there is some specific reason

Don’t make any excuse for not practicing exercise, good results of exercise are seen only when such small complaints are overcome.

Make it a group activity.

Except for the professional athletes, most of us do not have the mental discipline to keep your exercise by our-selves

Join a group gym or get your husband to go with you if a bunch of your friends brings together to exercise you will be motivators and conscience keepers for each other

Exercising with your loved one is a great bonding experience and gives you both time together and to discuss the day’s events or plan the next day

Exercising is boring

It doesn’t have to be, turn on musical exercise if you like to dance, play your favorite songs, and dance on their rhythm.

Exercise is all about being active, using various muscles and burning calories, mix & match multiple forms of the exercise

Walk three days in a week and do aerobics on the rest of the days, strength training is particularly useful as you grow older

To keep safe your muscle mass from turning into fat

Exercise does not have to be high-tech.

Many people have beliefs that they need some kind of expensive types of equipment such as treadmills, machines, stationary bicycles, and bikes to exercise

It is a big truth that in many homes, the machines quickly become clothes hangers or storage areas

More than more professional trainers are turning away from elaborate exercise machines and getting back

To basic exercises such as aerobics, yoga, weight training, and gymnastics, the staircase at our homes is a fantastic way to exercise.

Walking briskly up and down on the stairs will burn up the calories. Give yourself 20 to 30 minutes of stair climbing in a day.

It would help if you had to build up your stamina by starting 10-15 minutes and gradually increasing the duration

Even a simple routine of 1000 steps a day will significantly improve your health

Walking is the best exercise and keeps people healthy, people who have insomnia also get relief from walking

And it is also suitable for people who have diabetes and high blood pressure

Walking for 20-25 minutes daily keeps us free from many diseases

Swimming is an intense exercise which tone overall body, it is ideal for pre and posts-menopause periods


Health and fitness can change all that difference in one’s life, and healthy living is all that one needs

Nowadays we live in a very fast-paced society where we do not have the time to learn about fitness we should maintain

Morning walk is like a fresh to us, we humans are working with dreadful energy throughout the day

And most of us are fed up with fretful life but still, we should not begin our day with apathy

To make our days fast and fresh, a good start is required

A well equipped morning freshen up session, better would be the morning walks

It will enlighten your day with loads of energy, many of you all desire to do it

But most of you all would keep a pause for it because you require a walking partner

To boost up your energy when you wake up with your lazy mood to walk

Walking partner

Walking partner

Choosing the right partner will help you to find the maximum use of morning session

Many of you all will have your walking partner as friend, spouse, dogs, and few prefer to walk alone

But we’ll suggest you have a walking partner with you which will help you to complete your morning session without boredom

A recent study has shown that dog walkers showed a big improvement in fitness

Whereas human make themselves lose their energy by talking and find some excuse in between the walks

The dog walkers had improved with 28% of walking speed as compared to their previous record

Whereas human walkers showed just a 4% increase



jogging is an ancient exercise, which keeps the body fit, it is not an exaggeration to say that jogging is a complete exercise

Here are few tips to keep the body fit

Walking or jogging overcome stress, jogging a week thrice is sufficient to strengthen the brain

fast running and jogging reduces the extra calories in the body, and running needs proper footwear and a right place

Morning times are recommended for jogging and brisk walking, and it should be done in empty stomach

The body should be given rest for three hours before to running because different parts of the body

Are busy in different functions because of which the excess fat is not burnt

Warmup before jogging and relaxing after jogging is a must to strengthen the muscles

The person should test on the treadmill before jogging as it helps in knowing the endurance

A person should make a note of the distance covered by walk and as to how to much distance

Can be included in 10 minutes duration, increase the range gradually, run individually because more calories are burnt while talking along with jogging

Therefore, people who run along with partner should keep control of their heartbeat and also keep control of the speed on their capacity


It recommended having proper footwear while running and the feet should be covered properly

If the footwear is not proper, then one can have a problem in the running, and he complains joint pain and knee pain

Doctors suggested the people who go for jogging or running should change their footwear after every six months

After 500 kilometres the heels of the shoes get spoiled, and they fail to support the heels

Avoid running or jogging on an uneven surface, stony road or footpath

The best suitable place to run or jog is sandy surface or grass wear bright coloured clothes, such that you are visible to other people

The person should be alert at the time of running or jogging, use of mobile should be avoided

Do not run or jog in the dark, stop jogging or running in the case of tiredness and vision-related problems

Make it easier

Keep your shoes in a bag that you take to work, on your way back from work, you can go park nearby

Or leave the shoes near the door so that you can go out for a walk whenever you feel alike.

Good shoe matter, make sure your shoes have good cushioning and arch support

It will make fun for your feet; poorly fitting shoes can cause heel and calf pain.

Hello there! I am a student who is studying Bio and many more things, I love writing knowledgeable things about health, beauty, fitness and many more but on this website, you will only discover about health-related information. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.
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