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Mouth ulcers- Mouth disease- bad breathe solution

Mouth ulcers

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Mouth ulcers are prevalent, people ignore it and do not take proper medication

But ulcers are symptoms of other diseases, Spicy food cause pain in ulcers

If there are reddishness and pain in the mouth, then it should be considered as mouth ulcers

Indigestion or constipation is the main reason for mouth ulcers People suffering from constipation or colitis generally have this problem

Besides mental stress also other reasons, imbalance in hormone secretion, mineral salts & vitamins also causes mouth ulcers

Prolonged consumption of tobacco causes white eruptions and mouth ulcers in the mouth sometimes it converts into cancer also

Treatment for mouth ulcers

  • Hot food should be avoided, eat simple and easily digestible food.
  • Brush the teeth regularly twice daily, and this gives a lot of relief in case of mouth ulcers.
  • Eat nutritious food, avoid very hot, spicy, and fried food, like French fries and frozen food, drinks, and ice

Mulberry Mulberry is a common tree that grows in every place very quickly.


Crush its fruits and mix in water rinse the mouth with this for relief

Coriander- is also beneficial in this case, grind whole coriander coarsely and boil it in water


Rinse the mouth with lukewarm water 3-4 times daily for relax

Apply white cardamom powder on mouth ulcers and let the saliva fall down

Constipation is one of the main reasons for this, add spoonful clarified butter in glassful milk and drink to clear the stomach and cure mouth ulcers

Curd- is also beneficial, if there are ulcers in tongue, lips, etc

Then apply plain curd and even eat curd this is an excellent medicine for this problem

Neem leaves- Boil neem leaves in water and rinse the mouth twice or thrice to overcome this problem

Chew 4-5 basil leaves twice daily and drink two gulps of water over it to overcome mouth ulcers in a magical ways

It removes bad breath and gives relief within four to five days

Treatment for children

If children are suffering from this problem, then grind sugar candy and add a little bit of camphor

Sprinkle it on the mouth, mix these ingredients in 8:1 ratio it is very beneficial

In case of frequent mouth ulcers eat tomatoes, mix water in fresh tomato juice and rinse the mouth with it to overcomes ulcers of the mouth, lips, and tongue

Soak dry dates in water at night chew it after morning chores for relief

Mix pure honey in water and rinse the mouth with it for relieving

Boil 10-gram plums leave in 200 gm water till it reduces to 100 gm and let it cool

Rinse the mouth with this water twice or thrice to get relief to suck a small piece of jaggery after dinner for relief

Chebulic myrobalan ( Harad)

Grind Harad finely and apply on the mouth to relieve, chronic ulcers can be cured with this medicine

It gives relief within 2-3 days, sucks one small harad daily after meals to overcome the stomach and intestines’ disease.

It also cures the tongue’s mouth ulcers, strengthening the digestive system and destroys stomach worms

Grind four-gram borax and add three grains of camphor, 12 gm glycerine, and store in a bottle

Apply it to ulcers for relief, it gives instant relief, and it is the best medicine for wounds also

Mouth disease

The Mouth is the most important and useful part of the body the health of any person is affected if the person is suffering from mouth-related problems

Bad breath, mouth ulcers, teeth related issues are few of them, stomach related problems also emerge

Every person should take proper care of his or her health, and the best medication is through yoga and natural medication

Bad breathe Solution

The bad breath affects the person sitting next to him, and sometimes people prefer to be far from them

People feel shy because of foul odour, and the mouth has many types of germs

Some germs help in digestion and some harm the digestion, it produces gas and due to the lousy gas breath occurs

When the number of germs increases the foul odour also increases

There are many reasons which show our carelessness, tooth decay and tartar are also the reasons for bad breathe

If the gums, teeth, and mouth are not cleaned properly, they give lousy breath use good quality toothpaste to clean the gums

Onions, fish, garlic, cigarettes also give bad breathe. if they are cleaned properly

Due to some health problems also bad breathe occurs, diabetes, nose, and throat related problems cough, cold and mouth ulcers also gives bad breath


If bad breath due to tooth decay or pyorrhea then take oil in the mouth and rinse

After brushing teeth take one tsp of sunflower refined oil or any other refined oil in the mouth

And pull it with the teeth, continue this process for 15-20 minutes through oil and rinse

Brush teeth again and rinse thoroughly, because the oil contains many harmful substances

This process should be continued for more than a month

Mouth, teeth, lungs, stomach, inflammation of windpipe can be cured, and other bad breath will also be removed

Many people do not rinse their teeth after taking tea, coffee, milk, or sweets this is not good for teeth or mouth

Rinse mouth with warm water after meals, rinse mouth after consuming with tea, milk, or chocolates

The germs will be killed and bad breath can be controlled

Every morning after brushing teeth take freshwater in the mouth and let it rotate in the mouth

Keep water for a while in, after some time the water will get warm

This process should be continued for 10-15 days to clean the teeth and gums, the heat is removed & the bad breathe stops

Many food particles stuck in the mouth while chewing food if the mouth is not rinsed properly

Then the particles stuck in the mouth and give bad breathe, after meals, the particles stuck behind the teeth

Should be removed with neem stem or dental flaws, rinse them thoroughly

Pyorrhea and bad breathe

If anyone is suffering from pyorrhea, take fine grinned black salt in mustard oil take it with finger

And massage the teeth gently, ignore if it is bleeding take freshwater and rinse thoroughly

This process helps removing the cold, hot and sour belches, the tooth became clean and strong

The tooth decay will also be cured, the tooth pain, swelling of the gums will also be cured

Pyorrhea will also be removed and helps in stopping bad breathe

The tongue and the nose should be cleaned thoroughly every day

Fresh fruits and vegetables also help in stopping bad breathe

Avoid eating garlic, onions, which produce bad breathe avoid wearing them in the night


Clove is the better medicine for bad breathe, take a clove every day after meals and chew it slowly to stop bad breathe


Phlegm and bad saliva, clove is also helpful in phlegm and bad breath due to phlegm

The pain is relieved, and the teeth become strong, the acidity is removed and the mouth ulcers cured

If the bad breath is due to indigestion, then take aniseeds after meals

It also helps mouth-related problems, and dry cough, the sour throat, dryness of the throat, voice disturbance also cured

Take a glass of lemon water and gargle every morning to stop bad breathe, continue this process for 1-2 weeks

Hello there! I am a student who is studying Bio and many more things, I love writing knowledgeable things about health, beauty, fitness and many more but on this website, you will only discover about health-related information. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.
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