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Joint replacement/ hip replacement/ knee replacement

Joint replacement

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Cemented, uncemented, and resurfacing Orthoplastic, techniques are used in case of joint replacement

There is a need to change knee, shoulder, and hip, joints. Nowadays, the best quality artificial joints are available in the market

That the patient can lead a normal life after replacement
However, they last for 25 to 30 years and needs to be revised, it does not require any major operation

The lining is changed through a minor operation and the whole point remains the same

Nowadays the points are manufactured with high-quality metals that they remain scratch proof

The patient’s life becomes miserable in such condition joint replacement can prove to be a blessing

Joint pain

Elderly people generally suffer from joint pain, loses appetite and the body aches

The knee and hip bones develop deformities due to overweight. It could even lead to physical impairment if not treated on time

The person should do a certain specific exercise in case of joint pain as it is beneficial for muscles

The patient should also take calcium-rich food,
light joint movements should be done there should not be any pressure on the joints

To prevent joint pain

  • Hot fomentation is beneficial in case of joint pains
  • Fried, roasted, and spicy food should be avoided in this condition
  • Avoid consumption of curd, horse bean, kidney bean, and rice
  • Generally, some joints or the other of our body develops some degeneration

Mix the dry ginger powder in the massage oil and use it relieve swelling and pain

Heat papayas leaf and give fomentation on the painful area for relief

Mix a little bit of saffron in glassful hot milk and drink to relieve pain, follow this for many days

The patient should take 10-2- ml of castor oil before bedtime

Mix sesame oil and camphor in rapeseed oil and massage for benefit

hip replacement

In an ordinary hip replacement, a prosthetic implant is used for hip joints, A femoral head is included in it

which is around the edge of the thigh bone, it is replaced with metal ball

Before fitting this ball it is joined with the metal rod,
Plastic or metal socket is put on hipbone before changing the damaged socket

Whatever be the material used for the socket whether plastic or metal, it requires the main socket

That can be made with the bone to remain in its position, The bone starts weakening if the hip is damaged

This reduces the bone flesh in the socket if the bone socket is fine then plastic or cement cups are used to replace the hip

The cement cup is joined with bone, in one way it becomes a part of the body

Metal cups are used in this condition when the damage is 60 to 70%
Nuts are fitted into the nearby bone and cup in such case

hip pain

Women suffer from hip pain more when compared to men

hip replacement
hip pain

Because they wash clothes, mop the floor, clean chairs, tables, sofa, fridge, work with washing machines, & other such things

Sometimes lifting weights in the wrong way or bending down could lead to hip pain

Exposure to cold during pregnancy or delivery cause swelling in different parts of the body

Vaginal problems and post-delivery problems could also lead to hip pain

It could also be caused due to mental problems, sorrow, worries, anger, fear, overwork, tension, etc
Consumption of cold drinks, eating unhealthy food, walking

barefoot, wet feet during the menstrual cycle can also cause hip pain

The patient suffers from severe shooting pain in the hip and experiences inability and sitting or standing

Women become incapable of doing ant work in this condition
the patient suffers more in the night during winter season & fails to sleep properly

Some patients suffer from urinary disorders and weakness

a patient does not have any symptoms related to hip deformity but experiences shooting pain on moving slightly

Obese and physically weak people & men and women having problem suffer from hip pain

To prevent hip pain

  • Practice some exercises regularly to get rid of this problem
  • Do not remain in the water for a long time
  • Wipe the body with a clean towel after the bath
  • Do not do any work in bending position for a long time
  • Wipe the feet and apply rapeseed oil in the winter season, you can also use olive oil
  • The stomach should be clear as constipation is the main causes of all disease
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes while sleeping
  • Do not lift heavy weights more than your capacity and take somebody’s help if necessary
  • Use the stiff and flatbed for sleeping

Knee replacement

Knee replacement is a blessing for the arthritis patients, Arthritis of the knee is of three types

  1. Osteoarthritis
  2. rheumatoid arthritis
  3. gouty arthritis

In the preliminary stage, the patient suffers from swelling in the joints

knee replacement
knee replacement

Later lubrication reduces and cartilage damaged due to friction

The knee joints touch each other and the patient suffers from intolerable pain, walking and moving becomes impossible for the patient


Knee replacement is recommended when the patient suffers from severe pain even during rest

The patient does not get any relief from medicine or physiotherapy & fails to do his daily activities

A complete check-up is done before this replacement, the operation is done only when all the results will give good

Replacement after care

Generally, 4 to 6 inches slit is made in the upper part of the knee

Previously, the patient could only sit on the chair after this operation

And knee could bend just 90 degrees angle, but now the patient can fold the legs & sit on the floor with the help of the new technique

The patient can sit after 6 hours of the operation and starts walking after 48 hours

The ligament and capsule of the knee is left as it is and just the cartilage or damaged bone surface is cut

A plastic cover is put on the leg bone and steel cap is used on the thigh bone, the patient can walk with the help of walker in the first week

And walk with the help of hand sick in the second week

The recovery process completed after four weeks and the patient has to stay for at least one week in the hospital for post-operation care

The patient cannot touch the hip with his ankle but can do the daily activities. and should do exercise at home for at least 3 months

Knee pain

Knee pain begins with age, Obese people suffer from knee pain more, when compared to people with normal weight

Overweight damages the knee joints and it is necessary to be slim and trim to avoid knee pain

Neck pain

This problem is increasing day by day, this is caused due to hectic daily routine

neck pain
Neck pain

Sitting in the same position for a long time, luxurious lifestyle and driving 2 wheelers on bad roads

This could also lead to slip disc or disc degeneration, a patient suffering from cervical pain complains in the neck

The patient has also had numbness, weakness in hands and unable to move neck

Backbone is situated on the backside of our body, it goes up to the head and passes through the neck

The tissues coming out from the brain and passes in the form of the spinal cord and spread in both the hands

The backbone is made up of a group of vertebrae when the diss dislocate it exerts pressure on the spinal cord

This causes pain in the neck, vibrations and weakness

To prevent neck pain

  • Do not use big pillows for sleeping a, it could cause neck pain
  • Change the position while working on a computer or reading and give rest to the neck and shoulders
  • Don’t drive a vehicle for a long time
  • Avoid the use of scooter and auto
  • Move the neck from right to left, back, and front
  • Do not get up with jerk but get up slowly
  • Try to sleep at night, lying down on stomach can also lead to shoulder and neck pain
  • Change sides between relief
  • Do not watch television in lying down position, sit on armchair or bed in resting position for sometime
  • Get up from the seat in between while watching television or working on a desk
  • The bed should be not very comfortable as it contracts the muscles
  • Massage the neck and shoulder with hands to relieve neck pain, massage would be done from neck to shoulders
  • Fold the towel and place it under the neck and wrap it around the neck to support the head
  • Avoid visiting places with the uneven surface as jerks can aggravate neck pain
  • Soak a towel in hot water and give fomentation to neck
  • Fomentation with hot water bottles also gives relief in neck pain

Treatments for neck pain

MRI test become necessary when medicine fails to give relief to the patient

Special physiotherapy exercise gives relief in neck pains, this also fails then back operation becomes inevitable

In this operation, a microscope, endoscope is inserted into the centre of the vertebrae

With the help of C-Arm and the disc exerting pressure on the vertebrae is removed

This operation controls excess blood loss as it is done with a small slit

Shoulder replacement

The natural bone is cut as little as possible in this kind of replacement

The damage layer of the shoulder socket is smoothened in this case, later resurfaced shoulder is fitted into the shoulder

The shoulder starts functioning normally after this operation, the surface is smoothened after repairing the surface

In the case of joint resurfacing, the damage shoulder is rubbed and repaired

The muscles remain intact in this process and a very little portion of the bone is cut

As a result, the shoulder bone starts working naturally and normally

This operation is performed when the patient complaints of frequent pain in the shoulders and it is unable to lift the hands

The shoulders get frozen and the patient is unable to change sides due to pain


The bones are less flexible and hence they break due to some injury or accident

The bones become fragile in old age and the bones get fractured very easily

Blood gets clotted in the surrounding areas after fracture and this leads to swelling

Crookedness is seen in the hand and leg bone, friction is seen in the broken bones when the fracture area is touched

There is a sound and the patient suffers from severe pain, Many times, the injured area hangs due to the fracture

The part turns blue, in case of hairline fracture the patient has pain

but in severe accidents, the bone tears the skin and comes out leading to heavy blood loss

Fracture treatment

First and foremost the broken bone should be given support with some solid thing

Do not tie the support to the broken part very tightly as it could stop blood flow and cause migraine

A bandage should be tied tightly if there is a wound on the bone, many times the bone piece comes out of the wound

Do not throw this piece, clean it with a cloth and keep it safely take it to the hospital along with the patient

Many times the broken piece is successfully joined with the bone, do not give water or anything to eat after the fracture

The reason is that the patient is unconscious for fracture treatment, This is not compulsory but many times it becomes necessary

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