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Lower Backache- Backache treatment- causes

Lower Backache

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Lower Backache- Sciatica nerves is the longest nerve in the body

This nerve passes begins from the backbone and passes through the thigh to reach the backside of the legs.

whenever the pain starts in the nerve, the person suffers from sciatica pain

The patient experiences the lower backache along with thighs and legs.

The legs become numb and the muscles become weak, there is severe numbness in the feet.



Some kind of injury, overweight, lifting heavy weights, can cause a hernia in the lower disc.

The muscles shrink and the person have lower backache.

old age and backache

In the olden days, backache was common among people in the age group of 40-455 years.

Nowadays we find people of all ages complaining about backache. 

Many times it becomes unbearable.

Some times a sprain in the back muscle supporting the spine leads to unbearable pain

Spinal stenosis– is a problem seen in old age, it could be hereditary in many cases.

The width of the spine reduces in this case, due to which there is extra pressure on the spinal bones.

Many times the backache persists for four to five days

The person experiences problem in walking, moving, sitting, and standing

Backache treatment

Wheat water is very beneficial in backache treatment

wheat for backache relief

soak wheat in water in the morning, sieve it in the evening, and drink it for relief.

The Aroma of flowers is beneficial

Aroma of a flower fopr backache heal
Aroma of flowers

Morning walk should be preferably done in some garden so that the fragrance of flowers can be breathed in for heal.

Mix honey and ginger juice in equal quantities and take spoonful daily

Ginger juice and honey

ginger juice and honey for backache cure
Ginger juice and honey

Take this medicine for one week regularly to relax from the pain.

In the case of lower 2backache, fomentation with hot water or hot castor oil is very beneficial

backache treatment does not require any kind of operation and the pressed nerves can be detected.


  1. Correct sitting posture is extremely important
  2. Always sit with proper back support while traveling/ in office/ home.
  3. Make sure that the chair used while working on the computer should have straight back with the adjustable backrest.
  4. Sit on a chair that has back support of 100-110 degrees, rotating system, hand support, footrest on the ground.
  5. Use a wooden flatbed for sleeping instead of a mattress.
  6. Sleeping on the floor is also beneficial.
  7. Keep change the posture while working.
  8. Cycling, swimming, walking, and skiing are good for the back.


  1. No direct forward bending, always bend at knees.
  2. Don’t lift of legs together while lying down.
  3. Do not pull heavy things always push them.
  4. No crouching always sit upright.
  5. Sudden jerky, twisty movements of the spine.
  6. No heavy weight lifting. Use both hands to lift any object
  7. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes as it causes backache, wear flat shoes and sandals.

Causes of backache

The common causes for backaches include disorders like spondylosis, disc prolapse, and congenital abnormalities

There are, however, at least 20 varieties of diseases that can manifest as backache.

Apart from these, other factors like injury, trauma, overwork, emotional and mental stress, menstrual tension, and prostate condition can lead to backache.

here are several other reasons for back pain
For eg:- arthritis, Osteoporosis, sciatica pain, enlargement of bones, pain in the spine.

It is also caused due to wrong sitting posture and lack of physical exercise.

Backache should never be neglected, it is caused due to working on the computer or watching TV for a long time.

The person complains of pain that is similar to pain in the spine.

The female body is more flexible when compared to men
The hormones produced in the female body also sometimes become the reason for pain.

they could suffer due to white discharge and overweight can also be a reason for this.

And also caused due to heavy smoking, besides hypertension, irregular blood pressure levels, and high cholesterol.

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