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Recommended Diet for Cancer Patients

Recommended Diet for cancer patients

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The Recommended Diet for Cancer Patients- Cancer patients should cook food on slow fire as this increase the level of toxin in the food

These toxins are advanced glaciations end products they are formed due to heating up

Of fat sugar & protein, spices, oil, milk, and curd together with jaggery

Gram flour, curry, bakery products, stale food, food taking along to digest

Salty food should be taken only after 2 hours of drinking milk

Patients should not smoke, consume tobacco, alcohol, egg, meat, and fish, They help in spreading cancer

Patients consume Pomegranate, daliya, black grapes, green grapes, radish, bitter gourd, cucumber, milk


Fasting is considered good, even western country following it
Side effects of chemotherapy can be nullified by fasting,

Through fasting, more aggressive treatment can be done
In today’s world, we have accepted numerous latest technology, ease and comfort foods, and drink

Which has made our life comfortable-but the same time we have given to shelter various serious diseases.

Among these are diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, and killing diseases like cancer

Due to peoples negligence, today cancer is fast spreading in the society

Due to the same negligence, so many people are dying because of cancer

Because of Bad diets and bad habits of cigarette and alcohol consumption 87% population has become cancer patient

B 6 folate are enemy of cancer

Vitamin B6 and folate both prevent cancer from spreading in the initial stage

Those who have an adequate amount of folate in Their diet have reduced chances of requiring cancer for the second time

This danger can be reduced further by 36% of there is a simple amount of B6

Due to the Vitamin B6 DNA gets the ability and nothing wrong happen there

Everyone should take 2 mg B6 and 400 folates every day

What has anti-cancer properties

Turmeric is anti-cancerous

Though non-spicy food still research has proved that helps to keep cancer at bay

A chemical called capsaicin is present in the spices which have amazing effects on lung cancer

Chilli and ginger is also very good for health

Ginger plays an important role in clearing out the cancerous cell of the uterus

Capsaicin in chili treats tumor of the pancreas

In the bamboo shoot’s there is an adequate amount of Vitamins, cellulose, amino acid and fiber

Their use can also decrease the risk of cancer, Mushroom also protects from this disease

It also brings down the bad effects of radio and chemotherapy

Potassium, sodium and other minerals are adequately found in mushroom

Mint and basil leaves

Mint and basil leaves have anti-cancer properties

In basil element called micastrin is found which is anti-cancer, It has a great effect on cancerous cell

Basil leaves

The Patient should consume 2-3 basil leaves every hour

Apart from this basil juice with honey should be taken every day morning and night

The organic tomato should be consumed, Tomato contains antioxidants flavonoids which fights cancer

People who consume garlic and onion can fight with the disease in many ways


Consuming sesame it contains saponin which checks the spread of the disease and lowers cholesterol

After attaching itself to cells saponin kills them

If 50-100 gm grapes consumed every day for 2-3 months lower the risk of cancer

Grapes contain life-saving chemicals which help to fight

black and green grapes

Mango is the king of fruits this is not the only quality of mango it also fights prostate cancer

It contains lupeol which fights against prostate

Pineapple contains bromelain this is a digestive enzyme full of anti-oxidants which fight disease

Neem due to bitterness kill cancer cells
every day in the morning take 8-9 neem leaves and 8-9 basil leaves with water

What to do

  • Consumption of green vegetables and fruits
  • Morning and evening walks
  • Leave cigarette and tobacco addiction and lower risk up to 40%
  • Stop consuming alcohol

What not to do

  • Stop eating red meat
  • Don’t consume tobacco or alcohol
  • Do not smoke
  • Avoid take contraceptive pills

Though you may be perfectly healthy still you should consult a doctor once a year

Hello there! I am a student who is studying Bio and many more things, I love writing knowledgeable things about health, beauty, fitness and many more but on this website, you will only discover about health-related information. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.
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