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Cancer–causes-symptoms-Cancer treatment


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Cancer- In our body old cells die, and new cells are produced
It also happens that cells do die, but they are not produced in the same quantity

And when there is a misbalance in the dying and production of new cells, Cancer taking root in the body

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Types of cancer

There are many types of lung cancer, stomach cancer, blood cancer, bone cancer, intestine cancer, uterus cancer, prostate, ovarian, and breast cancer.

Cancer of large intestine

When a stone is formed in the gall bladder is usually removed surgically this is not right

Owing to this malignancy of intestine spread in the body
Therefore unless essential gall bladder should not be removed

Due to the removal of gall bladder fat goes to the intestine without being digested which leads to malignancy of the intestine

But this does not reach the rectum. Therefore, rectal cancer risk is reduced

Increased incidence of prostate cancer among men

Exercising considered good for health

let me tell you that for patients of prostate cancer exercise can be harmful

The tumor increases in size if the exercise but the patients of this disease should always be active

People who do not ejaculate regularly start developing a tumor in the prostate gland

Men in the age of 20-50 who ejaculate more stand at a lower risk of this Cancer

Colon cancer among women

Junk food and smoking has increased the incidence of colon malignancy among women

The urban women are more affected by this, new changes in their lifestyle like drinking and smoking

Pushing them towards this as compared to females, men are less prone to this disease

Increased dependence on junk food is also the reason, fiber, and other nutrients are not there in junk food which gives rise to colon cancer

Earlier genetics was the primary cause, among women but not anymore

The young females have taken to excessive drinking and smoking which increase the risk

A colon is five feet long muscular tube this joint the small intestine to understand about colon-rectal or bowel is studied

In the colon, cancer patient experiences the lower abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, blood in the stool and lower appetite
women in the age group of 24-30 years are getting affected

Young age and uterus Cancer

If a girl becomes a mother before the age of 20, she is prone to cervical cancer

Apart from that, she can contact many other diseases
If a girl is less than 18 years of age has sex or masturbates she can contact vaginal Cancer

Also, her clitoris becomes sensitive and weak, as a result, they unable to enjoy pleasures of married life

In females disturbed menstrual cycle and vaginal bleeding can be an indication of malignancy

Women should keep the private parts clean, no marriage at an early age

And should not advocate free sex this way a girl can save themselves from uterine malignancy

Cervical in older women

In the world, almost ten lakhs suffer from cervical malignancy, out of which 6 lakh die

Women above 40 get this disease more, women of this age group should not get neglect their sex-related problems

If the disease is diagnosed at an early stage, then it can be controlled


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obesity invites cancer

Obesity: Obesity is also inviting Cancer, Therefore it is better than fat people should keep their weight in check

fat people have more chances of getting oesophageal and malignancy of the kidney than those whose weight is normal

Let us tell you that diabetes and high blood pressure happens due to Obesity

And also the Cancer of intestine, uterus, breast, liver, kidney, bile, stomach, etc. take root in the body

The fat women who have crossed their menopause are more prone to breast cancer their chances are 30-40%

Chances of Oesophageal thyroid cancer dramatically increases in fat people

Spicy food: More spicy food thought are tasty but are harmful to health

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Spicy food and cancer

The digestive system does not function properly due to spicy food and person become prone to stomach malignancy

This disease comes to light when the disease has already reached the second and third stage

It is the reason why the treatment in such patients becomes severe, this type of disease is mostly neglected

Consumption of spicy food in large amount, remaining empty stomach for a long time, eating fried stuff increase the risk of stomach malignancy

Due to this patient experiences bloating, flatulence suffers stomach cramps, and the stool becomes black

Alcohol: alcohol present in the liquors increases the malignancy of liver and mouth

People say that they consume two pegs in a day to nullify pain, but let me tell you that they are wrong

They don’t drink alcohol, but alcohol drinks them

Thay perhaps do not know that consuming two pegs or more leads to Cancer of the intestine,

Alcohol present in the liquors increases Cancer of liver and mouth, cooking food in olive oil decreases the risk

Olive oil also helps in improving underdeveloped breast, the carotene present in green vegetables boost immunity

It consumption decreases the effects of nicotine; as a result, mouth cancer does not spread

Drinking fruit juice is also helps, oral hygiene should also be taken care of

More air travel: Cancer is caused even because of frequent flying

Air travel and Cancer

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Air travel and cancer

As we fly high, the aircraft is bombarded by harmful cosmic radiation which is harmful and increases the risk of disease

In-person flying in aircraft There is 30% more risk to air hostess of getting breast cancer

Cigarette and Tobacco: Because of cigarette and tobacco consumption 87% of the population has become malignancy patient

Cigarette and tibacco causes cancer
Cigarette and tobacco cause cancer

Extensive use of mobile

Mobile also aids Cancer, till now many studies have been done on causes of this disease, one of them is the use of mobile phone

If we see from the perspective of telecommunication mobile is a handy gadget

but from the health point of view, it is very harmful,

Research has proved that if mobile is used for 10-15 year continuously, then the risk of brain cancer increased greatly

Tumour is formed on the side mobile is held, children should never use mobile

As the skull of children in underdeveloped, this proves dangerous to the undeveloped nervous system

You should know mobile is more harmful than smoking; mobile should be using less

More usage increase the risk of brain tumor

Diabetes is also a friend of cancer

It is a piece of heart-rendering news that people with diabetes are at higher risk of getting Cancer

But this is very true, and the main reason is insulin if the insulin level is more in the blood

Then there can be a more significant increase of cancer cells, and this state make the healthy cells to multiply and mutate abnormally

There is good news that those diabetics who exercise regularly and pay attention to diet
Keep their blood sugar level under control and are at lower risk

cancer is due to consumption of Fried foods

Everybody likes fried foods, but before eating this think, you are giving an invitation to Cancer

When the oil heated, again and again, it produces a toxin which harms the DNA in the body

When cooking at home, it is essential to take care that oil is not overheated


A patient can have a fever, he loses his appetite and also his weight, his voice changes

Faces problems while eating any part of the body start bleeding and black patched developed on the body

This disease can be hereditary as well, and this can also be a lifestyle-induced disease

Hormonal imbalance polluted environment, Obesity taking OTC medicines can also be reason

The symptoms which show in men are they find difficulty in urinating

There is incontinence in urine, blood comes out with the urine, and there is breathlessness

In women they develop a tumour in the breast, skin becomes dimpled irregular periods and bleeding

Cancer treatment

It is treated by surgery, chemotherapy, stem cells transplant, and radiotherapy

Hello there! I am a student who is studying Bio and many more things, I love writing knowledgeable things about health, beauty, fitness and many more but on this website, you will only discover about health-related information. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.
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