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List of brain tumor symptoms/ Brain tumor treatment

List of brain tumor symptoms

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A tumor can occur to a person of any age; some list of brain tumor symptoms will help get treatment early.

Medical science has progressed so much that the tumour should not be considered incurable.

At least 50 peoples every day who are aware that either they or one their dear ones suffering from primary brain tumours.

But the fact is that nowadays more people are suffering from a secondary brain tumour.

A secondary brain tumor is formed when the tumor from other parts of the body, such as lungs and breasts, spreads to the brain.

Brain utmor
Brain tumor


  1. The patient suffering from a tumor has some specific symptoms which depend on the body part affected.
  2. Size of the tumor, whether it is cancerous or non-cancerous.
  3. The common symptoms of a brain tumor is a frequent headache.
  4. The patient complains of headache after waking up in the morning and has vomiting sensation.
  5. A patient always has an illusion of light.
  6. If the patient is an adult, then he gets an epilepsy attack and feels weakness in his hands and legs.
  7. The patient feels difficulty in speech.
  8. The patient’s mental condition is also affected.
  9. Forgetfulness is observed.
  10. A patient is unable to think or understand properly.
  11. Any part of the body becomes numb.
  12. Weak eyesight or vision.

The seriousness of brain tumor

  • The tumor usually occurs in the lower part of the brain, which shows severe symptoms.
  • In this condition patient’s mouth becomes crooked, becomes unconscious.
  • The voice changes, ability to hear is affected, feels difficulty in swallowing food.
  • The hands start shivering, and there is a difference in the walking cycle, these symptoms should be treated seriously.

Brain tumor Treatment

A Brain tumor is detected with a CT scan, MRI, and other examinations.

The neuro-surgeon should be consulted immediately after the diagnosis of a brain tumour

Treatments for primary brain tumor

Convection Enhanced Delivery (CED)- Overcomes the blood-brain injecting drugs directly into the brain, using convection to cover the entire tumour.

PARP inhibitors- Suppress tumor DNA response.

Precision Medicine- Treats per individualized recommendation based on the genetics of a patient’s tumour.

PD-1/PD-L1 Inhibitors Immunotherapy- takes the breaks off of a patient’s immune system to fight the tumor. E.g., pembrolizumab, or nivolumab.

CAR-T cell immunotherapy- Genetically engineering a patient’s T-cells to recognize the tumor.


Proper Diet- Eat healthy a diet with everything in moderation.

Sound Sleep- Maintain good sleep hygiene with deep REM sleep.

Exercise- Be physically active and exercise at least three times a week.

Joy- Live life to the maximum and find joy every day in the little things you do.

The Novelty Factor- Do something novel, engineering, and challenging that stimulates your brain in a new way.

Mobile ringtone

Nowadays, a brain tumor is occurring in the system that connects the ear and brain.

Using Mobile Cause brain tumor

If the reason for this kind of tumor were known, then it would be astonishing.

Mobile phones have become necessary for day-to-day life, due to the mobile phone people are suffering from a tumor.

You must have noticed people in malls, shopping complexes, or while travelling on buses or trains that they often check their mobiles even if it does not ring.

It is also a type of psychological problem and therefore repeats the frequently. The mobile users are aware of all these facts

People should also be mindful of the fact that using mobile phones continuously affects the nervous system.

The chances of brain tumours are more in mobile users when compared to non-users.


People who have been using mobile for ten years may have 1.9 times more possibility of getting ‘Acoustic neuronal.’

The risk of the tumor increases by 3.9 times. When there, the same ear is regularly exposed to the mobile.

The possibility of brain tumors in people using mobile for less than ten years, 2.6 times, ‘Acoustic neuroma’ is 3.5 times.

‘Acoustic neuroma’ is non-cancerous; it occurs on the nerve situated in the internal part of the ear and brain.

Which is responsible for hearing; this tumor occurs to one in lakh people.

In conclusion, that mobile should be used only when necessary because the excess usage of mobile may cause a brain tumour.

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