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hair dye and breast cancer risk/need to know

hair dye and breast cancer risk:

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New studies on hair dye and breast cancer risk, a study published on December 3rd in the international journal of cancer reports

That the more or less use of hair dyes and chemical straighteners is associated with a higher risk of breast cancer.

Dyeing hair
Dyeing hair

Women should be aware of this type of research because millions of folks use these products.

And it is also because breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death.

Want to keep Dyeing your hair?

55% of women used permanent hair dyes associated with nine %higher risks of breast cancer. And 45% higher risk developing for African-American women.

Scientists at the NIH (national institute of health) looked the data from overusing 46,000 women.

They usually found that using permanent hair dye was associated with an 8% higher risk of developing breast cancer than non-users

And that number jumped to 60% higher risk if the product is applied every 5 to weeks or more.

The study in The international journal of cancer enrolled over 46,000 women who were all part of the SISTER STUDY.

Meaning every participant had a sister with breast cancer

Chemical Hair Straighteners:

Chemical Hair straighteners

These products were- linked to a 30% great chance of developing breast cancer if used every 5 to 8 weeks, and that was both African-American women.

Temporary or Semi-permanent Dyes:

Temporary or Semi-permanent Dyes uses are not as strongly linked to the research team.

Found a little increase in breast cancer risk, and that could be because these products contain fewer colourless chemicals.

Also called aromatic amines, many of these are carcinogens and endocrine disruptors; the system might increase breast cancer.

By binding the breast tissues in the DNA, and it can cause damages.

Need to know:

Hair dye contains the first one PPD, which is in a lot of them, itis made from petroleum.

It can cause severe skin reactions, and they are also this back and forth about whether it has a CARCINOGENIC effect.

AMMONIA, which is terrible for your RESPIRATORY SYSTEM.

Resource in all is an adhesive used in tires and associated with HORMONE PRODUCTION and MELANIN DISRUPTION.

Another chemical though OPIOIDS is making it into our MUSSELS here in PUGET is that everyone is freaking about.

We were concerned with this, particularly the SCR compound, because it creates ESTROGENIC EFFECTS in our marine life.

Your HORMONE DISRUPTERS< it makes your THYROID think, you need to produce more of it.

Other effects of Hair dye:

Previously people having grey hair used to use hair dye, but this has changed now of late.

Young people are also using hair dyes for style or fashion, even if they have black hair.

Now everybody uses hair dye or hair colours, whether it is necessary or not.

Whichever hair dye you might use, it contains chemicals that affect the outer layer of the scalp.

Hair dye contains a prophecy Idiamine chemical, which is harmful to the hair as well as skin.

Most of the hair dyes cause skin allergies, which cause dermatitis.

Sometimes hair dye causes itching on the upper layer of the scalp, and sometimes it becomes severe.

The person complains of swelling of ears, head, eyes, and neck also.

In many cases, patients hospitalized, it is better to avoid the use of hair dye.

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